The First Two Minutes

I laid down on the locker bench with my head propped up on my bag futzing around with my iPhone: first horoscopes, because that burns fat. Pah! And then this great gardening book.. Closing my eyes for a second, the thought of spring turned to summer and then the beach. I jumped up, got changed, and began what was an incredible hour of high intensity training.

Getting Fit is not listening to the procrastinating words from your lazy body.


So it’s colder out and you’ve upped your caffeine intake without realizing it!

It’s true that colder weather begs us to consume more calories, and the holidays are sure to load them on, but don’t let the premature snowflake, red and green to-go containers, pumpkin latte marketing, and anything-else-you-haven’t-thought-of-associated-with-fall-and-winter-in a cup colored on sandwich boards reel you in like a fish on a hook. 1. Caffeine is a […]


Think About Your Health

Not enough time in the day to get everything done. And why do you have so much to do?   The more responsibilities we take on, the harder we have to work to do an acceptable job in each one. Companies are cutting employees left and right and those left standing just doubled their workload. […]