So it’s colder out and you’ve upped your caffeine intake without realizing it!

It’s true that colder weather begs us to consume more calories, and the holidays are sure to load them on, but don’t let the premature snowflake, red and green to-go containers, pumpkin latte marketing, and anything-else-you-haven’t-thought-of-associated-with-fall-and-winter-in a cup colored on sandwich boards reel you in like a fish on a hook. 1. Caffeine is a […]


Re-Defining Body Building

Redefining Body Builder.

Most people think of Body Builders as hulk like images with crispy orange skin and protruding veins, but why isn’t ‘Body-Building’ just doing what it takes to build one’s body.

Everything else that humans develop we add to. A house, we give it a pool. A yard, we give it a garden. A car, we buy custom add-ons. Why don’t we consider our body one of these things? Our bodies are not perfect. Our shoulders roll forward, hips turn out, our lower back hurts, and we walk around all day with tight muscles that restrict normal range of motion.

It baffles me how people would buy a car or a house they would take care of day and night, accessorizing and upgrading, but when it comes to joints in their legs, the only two legs they are given, the answer is surgery, or replacement, and without the bat of the eye.


Think About Your Health

Not enough time in the day to get everything done. And why do you have so much to do?   The more responsibilities we take on, the harder we have to work to do an acceptable job in each one. Companies are cutting employees left and right and those left standing just doubled their workload. […]


About Me

This is a place for my sound advice on all things wellness: how you treat yourself and those around you. It’s the place where I write articles that remind you of the beautiful human being you are. There isn’t one recipe for a great life. We all want different things, but together through shared knowledge […]


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