Yoga for Beginners

The beginning is THE BOOK THAT COMES BEFORE the one we see today in studios. It’s further back than most teachers are willing to go, maybe because show offs find it rudimentary, or they don’t know how to slow things down, or maybe they’re afraid to give students what they really need, because it won’t look like a typical yoga class with arm balances, headstands, and seventeen chattarangas.


The First Two Minutes

I laid down on the locker bench with my head propped up on my bag futzing around with my iPhone: first horoscopes, because that burns fat. Pah! And then this great gardening book.. Closing my eyes for a second, the thought of spring turned to summer and then the beach. I jumped up, got changed, and began what was an incredible hour of high intensity training.

Getting Fit is not listening to the procrastinating words from your lazy body.


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