Training Styles

Strength begins with Effort & Effort begins in the Mind.

There are many lifting styles. Beginners lack experience not strength. Read about the Body.

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Total or Full Body Training: A lifting style that gives you access to maximum muscle recruitment. Recruitment is literally what it sounds like.

Your brain is like: “Whoa, you want to do what?”

                                    “OKAY. Call in the Quads, Glutes, Hams!”

And then suddenly you’re firing away and making exercise look easy. Yes, you’re super tired afterwards and sore everywhere. But this is why we do this…. Ahhhh..daptation…

  • Total Body Exercises are inherently compound exercises in the sense that they ask you to combine more than one joint action, integrating upper, lower and left with right, etc. 

  1. This will condition your heart.
  2. Burn the most amount of calories.
  3. Build muscle evenly.
  4. Give you strength, balance, and confidence in your movement.

Hello! What more could you ask for when your goals are fitting better in clothing, toning up and staying healthy? 

Soon though, you will be ready to take on more challenges, build more muscle, become involved in aesthetics [how your muscles look] in addition to strength. This is the normal progression for many people.

  • Specific Targeted Training: Separate Muscle Groups Based on the action that they do, or their placement in the body. 

Like anything else, it is all in the details.

The body can do movement with the front of the body (ANTERIOR CHAIN) and is typically a pushing movement, as well as the back of the body (POSTERIOR CHAIN) which is usually a pulling movement. For years, people have been doing these kinds of split routines and achieving very successful results.

An example of a week could look like :

Monday : Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Wednesday : Legs & Abs

Friday: Back & Biceps

  • Unilateral Training: Training one side at a time.         You can rest between right and left sets, but with this you are challenging your discrepancies, creating balance, and becoming unified in your movement. This may sound a lot easier than it is. 


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Unilateral Training should be included in every routine. It is a kind of mode that can be applied to most muscles and almost every movement involving the shoulder and hip joints as they have a left and right side. This is really important because we all have some inequality in the body. Some have a dominant side, others have irregular patterns of movement that can be corrected through working and or stretching the opposing side.





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