Day: January 17, 2017

Prep: Single Leg Deadlift

In order to do a Single Leg Deadlift, you want to make sure that you can stand on one leg. This requires balance.

Balance is not a static thing. We lose it if we don’t use it.

This #preparation #movement allows you to play with how #perpendicular you can get your upper body (torso) with your lower body. Go slow, and as you become adjusted and comfortable, change and play with your speed.

Squeeze our shoulder blades together to make a flat back AND pull that belly button in.


Dead Bug : An Abdominal Exercise

This is the best abdominal exercise with those who have lower back issues or pain.

Why would they name an exercise Dead Bug? But there you are, on your back with your legs up like a bug that’s dead , so make the best of it. You, my friend, are not dead. You’re beautiful and you want to be strong, fit, and lean.


Care for Your Hip Flexors

The hip flexor is made of the Illiacus and Psoas, and the Iliospoas.
The anatomy here is very unique and makes stretching really difficult. Furthermore these two muscles comes from the backside of the body and connect to the front. What does that mean? This means that they can pull on the lower back with the force of the quads and bring the entire torso forward like a front seat of a car. If these muscles become tight and are also weak they can do real damage to a posture. So, when and if you have pain, before you go talk to someone about cortisone, or surgery, even an MRI, please meet with a professional that will show you how to create flexibility here.