The fitness of things here in Lisbon isn’t great. Cigarette smoke is part of the experience. Congestion of people and ordinary city grit keeps people on the move but not in the way I’ve usually talked about.

There’s very little green to be seen, yet. Tomorrow I will go to a park. There I can do yoga and be fit. Rise above the pollution. It isn’t a clean city either. People are as unfit with their inners as they are with the environment.

I however found an extraordinary hostel with a garden and pool on the rooftop. Amazing employees full of information and the greenest intentions. We had a fantastic dinner with other guests and so many ideas and experiences were exchanged. 😉

There’s a possibility to go surfing with a surfing school but I don’t even know where the school would take you as we are on the Tigris and I don’t know how one could find waves without driving for a bit.

Plaza del rossio was amazing ! Fable and I ran around as it was the first time we’ve seen open space in twenty four hours. We were like pigeons without wings.

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