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Our access to hundreds of thousands of people with one Selfie and lame Instagram account is awesome. AWE as in the masses can give instant feedback to support or deny whatever it was that compelled these starlets in the first place. But some of these Selfie’s have set off like sails, having been granted an inordinate amount of hot air from our depraved fitness industry.

I commend individuals who have worked hard to lose a considerable amount of weight. That is their rite and right. I also applaud friends who support their circles with nutrition tips and tricks to make it fast AND healthy. But as of late, I’ve noticed a trend* spiraling out of control. Profiles of hundreds of women, from city to city with photo albums composed of only Selfie’s. It begs the question, do these individuals have anything else going on in their life besides running to the bathroom to lift their shirt. Imagine them at your kids’ birthday party when you take the group photo. Old habits die hard, plus all that muscle memory from flexing when the flash goes off..

But this bothers me none, I have a laugh. The issue is when these women solidify a place of influence and authority, enough to start giving out “fitness” advice. They promote shakes and workout DVDs, make you weigh in and or other such checkpoints because you are now, “part of their team.” There’s no wondering why this works, because we love instant gratification, this is how we absorb and transfer information. But don’t fool yourself for a second, not all of these women are educated or skilled professionals.

While I don’t have statistics, I highly doubt that a personal training cert or nutrition license is required when they buy their first product package to sell. These women prey on the fact that YOU want to look at them, look like them, and will continue to purchase what they have told you is the only way to get there. YOU, on the other hand give them more freedom to work on the actual product you have been sold on, their vanity. This isn’t the worst of it. Eventually, YOU will begin to take what you have learned from the experience, find or make your own shakes, prepare weekly meals, and keep your exercise regiment.

The impact of this issue is when marketing suits reward this kind of behavior and by doing so, start your hamster wheel to become the next big Insta Celeb. I urge you to take a good look at yourself in your bathroom mirror, with your shirt down. Smile with yourself, for the funny things you do, the thoughts you have on the world, how much you love your family, and the times you didn’t for a second think about what your abs look like.

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