Day 3 (11/5/13)

I woke @ 11pm, 2:30, 3:30, and then a minute before my alarm went off. All three of those times I woke up a little sweaty. Not like sick with cold sweats, and not like I was wearing too many layers, just burning calories in my sleep. It felt great, save for the fact that I already stunk and it wasn’t day-break yet.

Got out of bed @ 4:45. Immediately felt soreness in shoulders and buttocks. Fed the dogs and myself. I was good and hungry.

Breakfast: 1 cup of rolled oats. 1 scoop of sun warrior protein powder chocolate flavor. A handful of blueberries and a tablespoon of almond butter, mixed around with half almond milk and half water. So yummy. And a Chai Tea Late.

Chai Tea Late- Again watered down. Will make the Teavana batch tomorrow as I just came back from picking up teas. For those of you interested in Chai but don’t want the sugar, hit the store up in the Westchester and get a blend of the Samarai Chai Mate, this has the equivalent of the caffeine in coffee, mixed with the Maharaja Chai Oolang.  $77 for a pound of the blend. Tea is not for the poor.
However it is so much better than spending $5.15 for 16 oz at whole foods, looking at their dumbfounded faces when I explain exactly what I want and drinking down the inevitable 19 grams of sugar.

Recovery/Yoga : Foam Rolled for thirty minutes. If you don’t know what a foam roller is, you are falling behind on one of the greatest inventions of the past ten years. It is literally styrafoam and garbage, but a roller than takes all the kinks and soreness out of muscles, increases blood flow, works through inflammation, and increases range of motion. If you need demonstrations, please comment and I will upload videos with individual muscle groups that can be targeted with this simple yet ingenious piece of equipment. I also did some supine spinal twists to stretch lower back and mid back.

Lunch @ 12pm 6 oz of Salmon with some cabbage and a healthy serving of arugula salad. Have only had 1/4 gallon of water thus far, will up this.

Today is going to be challenging for two reasons. One I have an evening concert in the city. I am so excited. Going to see The Head and The Heart, please check them out if you haven’t heard of them concert starts around seven which means less time to get my goals done. ALSO I am not drinking a drop of alcohol until Thanksgiving and so will have to be strong tonight when I ask for water.

Cardio: Spent about half hour outside with the dogs, full skipping up and down hill mixed with side shuffles, then indoors an Insanity Video titled Max Interval Training. This was VERY HARD. 45 seconds of straight jump squats was in one of the circuits. Plus, I will be dancing tonight. I spent some time on my mat, only half hour. Dogs wouldn’t leave me alone, probably because they had breakfast so early this morning. I did a great hip flexor stretch that my body needed from all the jump squats. 1/2 gallon of water.

On one bended knee hold the upright knee with both hands, tuck your chin and make a cat back. This means to round out your lower back. You will feel one of the greatest stretches pull from your hip flexor, groin, and inner thigh… oh so good.

Dinner @ 5:30 Turkey Chili on top of arugula salad with a tiny bit of cabbage. I was full about two bites before it was done. My shoulders a bit more sore now than they were this morning, but I feel great. My abs hurt when I sneeze. Leaving for Terminal 5.

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