So it’s colder out and you’ve upped your caffeine intake without realizing it!

It’s true that colder weather begs us to consume more calories, and the holidays are sure to load them on, but don’t let the premature snowflake, red and green to-go containers, pumpkin latte marketing, and anything-else-you-haven’t-thought-of-associated-with-fall-and-winter-in a cup colored on sandwich boards reel you in like a fish on a hook.

1. Caffeine is a an appetite suppressant which means that you will not eat food because you have drank your calories. But that doesn’t mean you have completely replaced the meal. You will either go  without food for a prolonged period or buy something to eat with your coffee, like a pound cake or a muffin. Either way, about twenty minutes to an hour after drinking said beverage, depending on metabolism, your body will crash from caffeine or sugar (probably both) and ask for large amounts of whatever you can get your hands on, usually carbs.

2. The real danger in this is that caffeine also raises estrogen levels. When estrogen levels are high, the body is more likely to go into storage mode. This means food consumed when you aren’t going for coffee break after coffee break is getting stored in your fat cells. We aren’t bears, so hibernating is not an option and we don’t hunt, leaving days of starvation beteween meals. All of this stored energy (food) will only accumulate, as fat cells can stretch. This is what makes them such an efficient cell for storage. But what I am describing is synonymous with what most people call weight gain.

3. Caffeine is a bloater, along with milk. See this article for some culprits of stomach bloating.

4. Caffeine rapes you of your hydration and calcium.  Calcium, yes as the FDA has drilled into you, is important for your bones, sure, but that is where it is stored. Calcium is also vital for cellular regulation, most cellular processes and a co-factor for enzymes that transport protein throughout the body, particularly to your muscles. A deficiency in calcium coupled with dehydration, by no exaggeration, slows down every process in your body: pooping, moving, thinking, talking, working out, even getting turned on.

So yes, it’s a little colder and it will get worse, maybe even snow. Get your hands on a scarf, hat, and awesome leg warmers from American Apparel.

Besides, there are plenty of caffeine free teas. Check out Yogi Teas. Flavor’s are phenomenal and they even come with little feel good messages on the bag.  Available at Fairway and Mrs. Greens. (They are double the $ at Mrs. Greens.)

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